A luxurious farmhouse on a rural area, providing high  levels of comfort, quality and a relaxing lifestyle.The accommodation is 3km away from the main city.It totally fits with suburban lifestyles and it is ideal for those with an appreciation for rural culture, strong connections to the past and the land.

Located in the heart of a farmland area in Chroussa village and  situated in an elevated position offering stunning views across the island.

Unique Experience

Located in Chroúsa, George Farmhouse provides accommodation with a private pool, a terrace and garden views. The accommodation is 5 km from Ermoupoli, and guests benefit from complimentary WiFi and private parking available on site.

This air-conditioned villa is equipped with 3 bedrooms, full-hd smart TVs,next gen a/c,wifi,laundry, a kitchen,a fireplace and a traditional wooden oven.

Ano Syros is 7 km from the villa, while Galissas is 3.8 km away. The nearest airport is Syros Island National Airport,just 8 km from George Farmhouse.

There is the opportunity to hire a personal vehicle in a special price from Moto Rent George facilities


SERVICES & Facilities

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We make sure that you will never run out of clean clothes while on holidays.A facility where clothes are washed and dried is provided.

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Moto & Car Rental Service

Combine your vaccation with a special vehicle, in order to explore comfortably this amazing island. Moto-Rent George facilities are located in the beautiful town of Galissas, where the free delivery is supported.

Wood-fired Oven

A simple and traditional way to prepare a meal is by using the  wood-fired oven.They were common in the 19th century and they were mostly used to prepare bread and pizzas.

Pet Friendly

There is not any restriction for pet lovers and it is the most suitable place for them, as there is a lot of free space and land around the villa to entertain them.

Water Element

Do not miss the chance to relax and feel comfort at the private outdoor swimming pool enjoying the view and the architecture.


High Privacy

The whole place is fully private in a way that ensures  your peace and relax.